Friday, May 14, 2010

Humphry The Church Mouse--page 4 of 10

Too tired to eat, Humpry slept all day long
When he was awakened by the sounds of song
"Jesus loves me this I knowooo
For the Bible tells me sooo!"

He wondered aloud; "Who is Jesus? Where does He live?"
What does it mean when they say, "He forgives"
Whoever was speaking used new-nice words
Not like in Mouseville that Humphry had heard.

"Love our God with all your heart
He will give you a new-life start
No mean words or stealing others's things
A life of love God's Spirit will bring."

The preacher closed with prayer and singing
Then the big bells began swinging and ringing
So loud was the sound the church began quaking
But Humphry held on 'till the steeple stopped shaking.

The lone little mouse made his home in the steeple
In spite of the bells, in spite of the people
Humphry knew his long search had ended
When the church this small mouse befriended.

On Wednesday's the meetings ended at eight
He heard every word and never was late
Friday's meeting was over at seven
Ending with prayer to "Our Father in Heaven..."

Each Sabbath church opened just before nine
All the people came...rain or shine
Curiosity soon got the best of our mouse
Closer and closer he came in God's house.

At first the "Words" seemed sort of strange
But Humphry was aware of a quiet little change
He came to That City with sad heart and attitude
But began feeling little feelings of gratitude.

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