Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Humphry The Church Mouse...An Apologue (written in 2000..page one of ten)

Humphry was born a poor little mouse
He lived with his parents in a poor little house
Brothers and sisters were grown up and away
So Humphry played by himself every day.

Poor little Humphry didn't have many toys
Not lot's of stuff like other mouse boys
One faded, ragged, old baseball cap
A worn out mitt, a ball and a bat.

He lived in a town known hardly at all
It wasn't too big, it wasn't too small
West of Oshkosh, East of Kalamazoo
A poor mouse in Mouseville hadn't much to do.

Whenever he went outdoors to play
Some grouchy grownup would usually say
"Go home Humphry! Keep off my grass!
Take home the ball lest you break someone's glass.

Mouseville was not like other mouse-towns
Where most mice wore smiles and few wore frowns
Mouseville was ruled by old king Rat
Who wore a brass ring and a gold-colored hat.

Everyone bowed when they met king Rat
They kissed his brass ring and praised his gold hat
"What a beautiful, wonderful hat, oh king!
Praise king Rat! Let all kiss his ring!"

A smile would ooze from one side of his face
And he's say, "You may praise, mere mouse, the king of this place"
Everyone in Mouseville feared king Rat
He held the keys to the Orange-colored cat.

Whoever happened to anger king Rat
Was thrown the same day to the Orange-colored cat
Who pounced on the mouse with furious delight
While old king Rat half-smiled at the sight.
more tomorrow. e.c.

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