Thursday, May 13, 2010

Humphry The Church Mouse--page 3 of 10

Someone screeched, "Forget mom and dad!"
They were too good for Mouseville; so good, so bad
It's time you learned to fib and disobey
To swear, steal, and cheat when you play!"

Humphry cried all the way out of town
The other mice smirked, none wore a frown
Humphry paused, then began walking West
Some sorry souls whispered, "He's gone!. We've been blest!"

Darkness crept in and brought along cold
Where will he sleep? He's just seven years old!
"I miss my Mommy and hugs every night
I miss my Daddy; he did what was right."

Humphry determined to find a new town
Where most people smiled and few ever frowned
Where all the people did lots of good things
Where no king Rat made them kiss his old ring.

A new city where mice loved the law
The happiest town anyone ever saw
A place without any fat Orange-cats
Humphry would find it and that was that.

Just at sunrise he saw a big sign
It read; "Welcome! That City; Welcome, Mousekind
The streets of That City wore curious names
IAmTheWay Avenue, and IWillNeverLeaveYou Lane.

BONG! BONG! Big bells began ringing
"Aaaaamazing Grace" Humphry heard people singing
Startled, he ran real quick through the first open door
Ran up all the stairs to the very top floor.

Humphry hid in a corner away from the people
At the top, tip top, of a white church steeple
This little mouse didn't know he's be living
In a house for Jesus...about love and forgiving.

He tried to stay awake and listen
The lonely little mouse shed tears that glistened
In streams of sunlight that warmed the steeple
"Maybe," he sighed, "This town has good people."
Page 4 tomorrow. e.c.

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