Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lift Up The Hands That Hang Down

Yesterday we went for a short walk after the sun had gathered enough strength and courage to find its way through the clouds. Walking past one lovely home I saw a woman and said to my wife, "Wait." We turned back and entered the property. The woman  was trying to start the motor of a machine used to wash winter's waste off the decks. She was startled when I spoke to her as she wasn't expecting company.
It turned out she was the sister of the couple that owned the home. Tragedy struck a few weeks ago when, at age 52, the husband, her brother in law, died of a massive heart attack. The wife found him sitting on the couch, feet up on the coffee table, TV remote control in one hand, dead.
Of course, the whole family is devastated. We had spoken to them last summer and learned they were believers. The wife is devastated and searching for answers. I tried to encourage the woman and repeated the words of Paul where he describes the return of Christ and the resurrection of the dead. The return of Jesus is the hope of all Christians and we wait for the eternal life He will bring as a gift to all who love Him.
We assured the woman that we would pray for her sister; for strength to navigate these dark waters. Many, many people have been left behind, alone; left to wonder what to do and where to go; to hope that they are not really alone. Speaking of wondering, I am wondering what more there may be to share with this woman that she can give to her sister so that both might be encouraged. What should one say to those who grieve?
Give praise to the Lord while it is called Today and the breath of life remains. e.c.

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