Sunday, May 16, 2010

Humphry The Church Mouse--page 6 of 10

IV   Observe the Sabbath and keep it holy. You have six days in 
       which to do your work, but the Seventh day is a day of rest
       dedicated to Me. On that day no one is to work - neither you, 
       your children, your slaves, your animals, nor the foreigners who 
       live in your country. In six days, I, the Lord, made the earth, the
       sky, the sea, and everything in them, but on the Seventh day, I
       rested. That is why, I, the Lord, blessed the Sabbath day and
       made it holy.

V    Respect your father and your mother so that you may live a
       long time in the land I am giving you.

VI   Do not commit murder.

VII Do not commit adultery.

VIII Do not steal.

IX   Do not accuse anyone falsely.

X    Do not desire another man's house, do not desire his wife, his
       slave, his cattle, his donkeys, or anything else that he owns.
       *From, The Good News Bible, Thomas Nelson, Pub.

When Humphry reading the Words that God said
He was humbled, but thankful for all he had read
Kneeling right there on little mouse knees
He asked, "Forgive me Lord, forgive my sins; please.

Opening his eyes, the day seemed much brighter
Sadness was gone, life's burden much lighter
His eyes opened wide at the hope of living
In this town, where people lived love and forgiving.

Humphry thought, "Yes! I'll live here right to the end."
When a still, small voice said, "My little friend;
Return to Mouseville in just a few days
Take them My Words; teach them My ways."

Tomorrow-Humphry goes "home." e.c.

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