Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Humphry the Church Mouse--page 8 of 10

Cousin Meanie spied Humphry and shouted, "Look out!"
Everyone ran and hid round abouts
Humphry hardly noticed that the little mouse boys
Were playing with his ball, his bat, and his toys.

A cheery smile spread across Humphry's face
He waved a happy "Hello" and didn't give chase
They stared at Humphry like he'd risen from the grave
But the first thing he did was say he forgave.

"I forgive everyone who took all my stuff
I don't need it...besides I have enough
See, in life, it's not stuff that matters
You can keep that!" He said to the batter.

"I have so much to tell you...so much to share
There's a God in heaven...a King who really cares
King Rat, I know, is lawless and evil
He's ruined Mouseville! Rat works for the Devil."

"Mouseville has suffered too long from Rat's rule
He's the king of terror...the prince of cruel
His friend, Orange-cat, also must go
The Love of God should rule our souls."

"Help me rally all the mice in this town
Take away Rat's ring! Take away his gold crown
When king Rat learns we know what's right
He and Orange-cat will run away...take flight."

All Mouseville gathered 'round Humphry to listen
To the Good News...it was love they were missing
Someone in front said "I think he's right"
Humphry finished..."God is Truth...His Word is our light.

News of the noise had reached Rat's ears
He began to feel little itchings of fears
His nose and whiskers began twitching much faster
He said in a stutter"T-t-terrible...d-d-disaster!"

But Rat was not one to give up with ease
So he called his police, crying "St-St-Stop this disease!"
So with helmets donned and sirens blaring
All four sped off with bravado and daring.
What will happen to Rat and Orange Cat? e.c.

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