Monday, May 17, 2010

Humphry The Church Mouse--page 7 of 10

"Me? You want me to go where?
They won't listen; they don't care!
How do you expect just one little mouse
To reach every home and teach in each house?"

"Leave that to Me" the voice again said
"Your task is to share the Ten Words you have read
At just the right time and just the right hour
Tell them to others; I'll be your power."

Humphry took a deep breath and nodded his head
"Yessssssss" Humphry said, "I'll go ahead"
One last time the still-voice came through
"Little friend, I'll never leave nor forsake you."

So Humphry climbed slowly high up to the steeple
Leaving was hard, especially the people
He packed his belonging...a two toothed comb
And started that day to make his way home.

Humphry left That City and began walking East
Back to Mouseville for a war with the Beasts
The Orange-colored cat that lived in the cage
And old king Rat who lived in a rage.

The sun went down and it tried to get dark
But the light inside Humphry, a million small sparks
Was Light to his path and Warmth to his heart
Because he knew God would quench Rat's fiery darts.

Just at sunrise Humphry saw the mean sign
"Stay Away! Not Welcome! This town is Mine"
It was signed at the bottom, and read, King Rat
Next to a picture of his ring and gold hat.

"Sorry Rat" Humphry heard himself say
"Some may be frightened, but I'm here to stay
God sent me here for a very big reason
It's over king Rat! It's open-Rat-season."

With hardly any sleep and a very small meal
Humphry took up his task with courage and zeal
The very first house he came to that day
Uncle Adolph and kids were outside to play.
Tune in again tomorrow! Just 3 pages to go. :>) e.c.

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