Thursday, May 20, 2010

Humphry The Church Mouse--page 10 of 10 (at last)

Humphry stood tall for a mouse...tall and straight
With no hint of shred of hate
He said, "I forgive you for killing my Mom and my Dad
I pity you Rat! I feel really sad."

"You had the chance to rule Mouseville with love
To listen to God and learn from above
But no; your pride took hold and wouldn't let go
You chose the evil and ruled from below."

Rat didn't argue or protest one word
Because he knew it was truth that he heard
Rat and Cat were put in Dark Hole that day
Forever and ever they were gone; far away.

Humphry burned the gold hat and buried Rat's ring
Then declared Mouseville free; "God is our King!"
Street names were changed from hatred to love
All Mouseville followed the True God, above.

Churches were built where all Mouseville could go
To worship each study and know
That God gave... His Only... Begotten Son
So none need miss one!
Tomorrow, Epilogue. e.c.

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