Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christians ARE The Problem

The North American Religious Liberty Association (NARLA) is one of several watchdogs of religious liberty issues in America. This morning there was a new post and the title startled me. It seems that our esteemed high court has determined that...at least on the campus of Hastings Law School in California...where else...that Christians are unlawful discriminators rather than discriminatees. And the reason for this lies principally in their (entirely Biblical) view of HBLT (homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, transexual) relationships.
A second burr under the saddle is that campus Christian organizations usually ask their members to walk the talk by pledging propriety in all things moral. But by doing so they are said to be engaging in exclusivity which is a BIG no-no in the minds of school officials. Unless of course...one happens to belong to a club that excludes Jews, people of color, or women. That seems to be OK because there is no evident exclusivity based on sexual preference.
This probably sounds...or at least it should sound...too ludicrous to be true. But it is.
The ethos of Christian campus societies has evinced a pathos in the opposition the results of which are prosecution (to pursue) and persecution, and all with the stamp of approval of the high court.
My advice is this: Don't believe a word of this but check it out for youself and read excerpts of Justice Alito's dissenting opinion. In the mind(s) of the court these potatoes are too small to deserve notice but they call it "facially neutral" and "viewpoint neutral." Justice Ginsberg wrote the majority opinion. Here is the link to the NARLA post: http://www.religiousliberty.info/blog/?p=126 
So, boys and girls, that's the news for today. Troubling...troubling, but that is foretold so we are not surprised.
Make it a good day in Jesus Christ by living under the power of the Holy Spirit. "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay." 'says the Lord.'" [Romans 12: 19 from Deuteronomy 32:35]. e.c.

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