Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wrap The Water Pipes...

The past few days were in the 90's and by Wednesday the forecast daytime high is the low 60's. Already I'm starting to think about wrapping the water pipes and whole-house filter. From too hot to too cold...sounds a little like life except that life can change more quickly than the weather.
Friends of ours are starting to fall by the way...either when they break a hip or CVA. I've probably said this before but I don't remember and I'm thinking, "...neither will the readers..." Anyway, my 99 y/o grandmother used to say, "Bud, (expletive)  to get old." She was right, with or without expletives... and she used those in  abundance.
It's probably unfair to criticize the weather if you choose to live where you live. After all, we did have a choice in the matter. The patio is cluttered with flower pots and planters; four of which have plum tomatoes both golden and red. They seem to taste better when you can pick one, rub it on your shirt in sort of a ceremonial cleaning and then pop it in your mouth.
I'd like to stay and chat a little longer but I have to call a friend of ours who was recently admitted to the hospital. It's things like this that convince me of the truth about getting old; it's not a good thing!
Alive...a little sore...sometimes cranky...but staying close to the Lord.e.c.

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