Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Season of Sin

Earlier I was wondering about...and this has been wondered about before, for certain...the seasons of the year as symbolic of our world's slide into sin and our hope for the soon end of it all.
Summer: It's easy to think of summer representing the world after creation when things are bright and sunny...except of course here in Washington because we didn't have much summer this summer.
Fall: That's an easy one; man sins against God and slowly the hydrangias start to lose their brillance and the leaves of the trees transit from green to dead.
Winter: The long winter of one world in the cold death-grip of sin.  Sunshine is hard to find; in some places it doesn't.
Spring: Christ brings promise to the world through His long promised birth, life, and sacrifical death. There is hope. The Gospel is preached the to all nations. Sin will not reign forever. We can hear Satan struggle to breathe though he roars like an asthmatic lion.
Summer: Christ returns to gather His people, Satan and Sin are forever destroyed and we live in a world recreated. Hallelu Ya!*
.*It really is two words. The first means "praise" and the second is the name of God, as in YAweh. e.c.

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